1. COOKSTOVE PROJECT DEVELOPMENT: MozCarbon will help your organization to develop a full Cookstove Project or program, Solar Home Systems projects or Programs, including the generation of Carbon Credits. Wether you require our assistance and/or consultancy, we will help you to: select best technologies (stoves) for your project, setup and manage sales team, Manage sales and professional customer data collection, monitoring activities such as baseline and usage studies. We are experts in performing Kitchen Performance Tests, Water Boiling Tests, Emission Tests and other relevant cookstove Monitoring activities.
  2. If you are a stove producer or stove project developer, we will help you to access the carbon markets by supporting you trough the certification proccess with the main entitries such as Gold Standard and VERRA/VCS.
  3. CARBON FOOTPRINT: We will help your organization to manage your carbon footprint and ultimately reduce it by assisting in calculating your carbon steps and advising on measures to reduce or to offset your emissions.
  4. REDD+ PROJECTS: We will assist you in the Development of Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+) by helping your organization to identify potential areas for your project, assisting you in implementing activities to reduce emissions and help your organization to generate carbon credits to be sold in the market or to fullfill your carbon emissions reduction ambitions.
MozCarbon Through our different portfolio of certified emission reduction projects, you will be able to:
  • Fulfill your CSR targets that reflect your desire to support a range of different local communities and stakeholders that your organization has business interest in or an affinity with. Our different projects (solar, stoves and forestry) are geared towards the promotion of Sustainable Development Goals comprising the (1)reduction of poverty; (2)Improved access to clean energy systems; (3) Good health and well-being; (4) Education and employment; (5) Reduction of greenhouse gases emissions, among other environmental, social and economic benefits. Additionally, we can co-develop a specific project in our areas of expertise as part of your CSR program. One example of our portfolio of projects can be viewed below.

  • Reduce or offset your organization carbon emissions by purchasing Carbon Credits from our selection of projects. We offer a range of carbon offset projects certified by international standards, including the Gold Standard Voluntary Emission Reductions (VER). For additional information on offsetting your emissions, you can visit our project in the Gold Standard Marketplace here https://www.goldstandard.org/projects/efficient-clean-cooking-mozambican-low-income-households.
By supporting our projects you will be able to improve your sustainability credentials and maximize commercial opportunities, enhance your brand reputation and at all, contribute to a more sustainable world. We are open to meet and discuss the options which better suits your needs.