From inception, MozCarbon relied on a vast number of young talented professionals to deliver the services that are part of the portfolio. From that time, MozCarbon invested on the professional development of the staff and, on our 9 years of existence, we are proud to say that we have developed international quality expertise to support activities on the following areas of expertise:
  • Business development (forestry, clean energy and clean cooking, Agriculture);
  • Project Management, including the use of latest IT tools and partner engagement;
  • Renewable energy sales targeting the poor at the bottom of the value chain-society.
  • Forestry surveys including the use of GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and Remote Sensing Technologies;
  • Disaster Risk Management;
  • Improved stoves (testing efficiency, quality, durability, security, market acceptance and monitoring and evaluation);
  • Carbon asset development for the compliance and voluntary standards;
  • Research in Agriculture, forestry, Land cover & land use, climate change, cleaner technologies and socio-economic-environmental areas in general;
  • Rural development planning and field implementation of projects including community engagement.
MozCarbon provide advisory and consulting services to both the public and private sectors. We support to private sector organisations that intend to reduce their international carbon foot print using our own experience and the experience of of our global partnerships which stretch from Brazil, India, Australia, Netherlands, UK and Switzerland among others. Also supports public sector organisations through various sectoral departments with a mandate for community development including the Ministry of Lands and Agriculture, FNDS, INOQ, FUNAE amongst others. MozCarbon also work with other external organisations and NGOs in the implementation of energy efficiency projects in line with the mission statement. In the past Mozcarbon have worked with the EEP, EnDev, AVSI, Kulima and SNV in the implementation of these projects in Mozambique.
From the REDD+ project, MozCarbon has archived significant amounts of data on forests and forestry management. This data is available for usage to interested parties as long as applicable terms of provision are met.
To increase expertise and secure quality in its operations, MozCarbon has partnered with various institutions over the years. These partnerships ensure that the company´s goals are fulfilled in its core activities.
International partners:
  • South Pole Group (carbon asset developer)
  • Envirofit International (stove supplier)
  • Rocket Works (stove supplier)
  • EEP S&EA (regional program implementer)
  • EnDev
  • GIZ
  • WHH
  • AVSI (Associazione Volontari per Servizio Internationale)
  • SNV (Netherlands Development Organization)
National partners:
  • UNIMETAL (stove supplier)
  • KULIMA (Organization for Integrated Social and Economic Development)
  • SOGEPAL (Renewable Energy devices Distributor)
  • FUEM (Eduardo Mondlane University Foundation)
  • Nova Energia (Renewable Energy Cooperative)
  • FUNAE (National Fund of Energy)
  • Despertar (Renewable Energy Cooperative)