Our activities are geared towards the support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our projects and activities have greater reach than just environmental concerns. Our projects impact directly most of the Sustainable Development Goals.





At least 50% monthly savings of the budget allocated for cooking energy (charcoal and wood) by households. Savings are used in other family needs.

More than 30.000 ICS disseminated in urban and peri urban areas of Mozambique;

Currently with a target to disseminate at least 25.000 ICS/year

Reduction of fumes (PM 2.5), thus reducing significantly respiratory disease, which are one of the main cause of deaths in Mozambique

Reduction by at least 50% of Charcoal consumption;

70% of MozCarbon staff, mainly sales promoters are women;

More than 500.000 CO2eq captured from the atmosphere

Stoves sold at affordable price to urban and peri-urban low income Households, through a subsidy up to 60% of the stove cost;

Reduction of forest degradation and deforestation

More than 150 direct Jobs created, mainly the ICS sales promoters, with an average

Salary of US $150 (Above the country minimum wage);

More than 50 indirect jobs created through production partners;

Partnerships created with several organizations, including with government, civil society, Academia and Private Sector;

Set up of a production plant with a monthly installed production capacity of 4.000 ICS;