With complete baseline data at hand, the company is now ready and fully prepared to implement REDD+, IFM and AR/RE in the selected areas, once funding is secured. The provinces of Zambezia, Gaza and Cabo Delgado have been identified as the most potential areas to implement REDD+ projects.  In that framework, MozCarbon has implemented pilot activities in the Zambezia and Cabo Delgado Provinces, planting more than 120 ha using native species, in collaboration with local communities, CBO (Community Based Organizations) and traditional leaders.

The summary of some of the potential REDD+ Projects is presented below:



Carbon Standard 

Project Type

GazaChicualacuala, Mabalane e GuijáVCSREDD+
SofalaCheringomaVCSIFM (Improved Forest Management)
ManicaBarue-Serra ChoaVCSREDD+
ManicaSussendenga-TsetseraCDMAR/RE (Afforestation/Reforestation)
ZambéziaMocubaVCSIFM (Improved Forest Management)


Apart from the REDD+ projects, MozCarbon has also embraced Gold Standard and CDM through the dissemination of ICS, aiming to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (mainly CO2) and generate Verified Emission Reductions (VERs) under the Gold Standard framework.MozCarbon is currently implementing a PoA to disseminate up to 100.000 stoves in Mozambique over the next 5 years. Below are presented some of the projects already and to be implemented by the company.

  • Energy and Environment Partnership with Southern and East Africa (EEP S&EA):The programme promotes renewable energy (RE), energy efficiency (EE), and clean technology investments in 13 countries in the Southern African Region, including Mozambique. Under this project, MozCarbon has distributed and currently monitoring more than 18,000 ICS, which will generate carbon credits in the Maputo Province (George Dimitrov, Zimpeto and Magoanine neighborhoods). The project was co-funded by the Governments of Finland, Austria and recently, the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID). The portfolio of stoves distributed includes world class stoves from Envirofit International and Rocket Works Pty.
  • Potentiating Production and Dissemination of Improved Stoves In Maputo Province: (co-funded by the German Development Agency (GIZ) under the Energising Development Program (EnDev-Mozambique)).Under this project, a total of 15.000 ICS were disseminated in the Maputo Province which will generate Verified Emission Reductions (VERs-carbon credits). Also here, a program will be put in place to support local stove producers and move them toward the standardization of stove production, in order to create a sound environment for high quality and reliable stoves to be deployed into the local market place.Local semi-industrial production of Improved stovesMozCarbon since beginning of its activities in ICS business has mainly used imported technology to disseminate under its VPAs/projects.As a result of the growth and accumulated expertise in the sector, associated with the last 3 years economic and financial situation of the company, MozCarbon has identified an opportunity to start local production of semi-industrial charcoal ICS.To this end, the company shareholders have embarrassed the challenge and funded the start-up of the production and dissemination of this kind of stoves, with aim to produce and disseminate up to 100.000 stoves in the next 5 years.The company is putting all efforts, to positioning itself to be the leader in the sector for the upcoming years.From the current and future portfolios of CERs, MozCarbon’s current projections show that approximately 2.0 million CERs will be generated for the global carbon market.


To increase expertise and secure quality in its operations, MozCarbon worked/partnered with various institutions over the years. These partnerships ensure that the company´s goals are fulfilled in its core activities.

International partners:
  • South Pole Group (carbon asset developer)
  • Envirofit International (stove supplier)
  • Rocket Works (stove supplier)
  • EEP S&EA (regional program implementer)
  • EnDev
  • GIZ
  • WHH
  • AVSI (Associazione Volontari per Servizio Internationale)
  • SNV (Netherlands Development Organization)
National partners:
  • UNIMETAL (stove supplier)
  • KULIMA (Organization for Integrated Social and Economic Development)
  • SOGEPAL (Renewable Energy devices Distributor)
  • FUEM (Eduardo Mondlane University Foundation)
  • Khandlelo
  • Nova Energia (Renewable Energy Cooperative)
  • FUNAE (National Fund of Energy)
  • Despertar (Renewable Energy Cooperative)
  • EMAL (Empresa Moçambicana de Aluminio)