With complete baseline data at hand, the company is now ready and fully prepared to implement REDD+ (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation), IFM and AR/RE in the selected areas, once funding is secured. The provinces of Zambezia, Gaza and Cabo Delgado have been identified as the most potential areas to implement REDD+ projects.  In that framework, MozCarbon has implemented pilot activities in the Zambezia and Cabo Delgado Provinces, planting more than 120 ha using native species, in collaboration with local communities, CBO (Community Based Organizations) and traditional leaders.

The summary of some of the potential REDD+ Projects is presented below:




Carbon Standard 

Project Type

Gaza Chicualacuala, Mabalane e Guijá VCS REDD+
Sofala Gorongosa VCS REDD+
Sofala Cheringoma VCS IFM (Improved Forest Management)
Manica Barue-Serra Choa VCS REDD+
Manica Sussendenga-Tsetsera CDM AR/RE (Afforestation/Reforestation)
Zambézia Gorongosa VCS REDD+
Zambézia Cheringoma VCS REDD+
Zambézia Mocuba VCS IFM (Improved Forest Management)
Zambézia Maganja-Pebane VCS REDD+