Stakeholders Consultation for new MozCarbon Improved Cookstoves (ICS) Project-VPA3)

Currently MozCarbon develops a Program Activities  (PoA)- “Efficient and clean cooking for Mozambican low income households” to disseminate charcoal improved stovesl through the Gold Standard certification scheme in the peri-urban neighborhoods of Maputo city and Maputo province. In addition to the reduction of Greenhouse Gases, the project aims to contribute to reducing deforestation and forest degradation, as well as creating environmental and socioeconomic benefits for communities.
MozCarbon disseminated, from 2016 to date, 30.000 improved stoves which beneffited more than 150.000 people in the Maputo area in two specific projects. Among the stoves disseminated it is included: Envirofit (CH2200, Econochar and Econofire), Rocket Works Chazama and the locally manufactured Mbaula Poupa+ stove.
Currently, MozCarbon is implementing a new specific project in neighborhoods of Infulene and Machava Municipal Districts in the city of Matola (also named VPA3), to disseminate 21000 improved Mbaula Poupa+.stoves.
As part of its policy regarding community/stakeholders involvement, and, as a requirement from the Gold Standard emission reductions certification scheme, MozCarbon conducted a public consultation meeting to discuss and share comments/ideas on the project with regard to its environmental, economic and social impacts, so that the results of the discussion and recommendations are be incorporated into the final design and implementation of the project.
The meeting convened 76 people from different segments of the society including: community representatives, stove users, NGOs working on environmental issues, local government entities, stove manufacturers, technical cooperation partners, Women organizations, Youth organizations among others.
Participants demonstrated positive attitudes towards the project and presented valuable comments about it which are incorporated in the design and current project (VPA3) operations.