Looking to generate carbon credits from your cookstove project? We are here to help you!

Mozambique Carbon Initiatives LDA operates on the mitigation of the impacts of climate change by implementing emission reductions projects in different areas comprising the dissemination of clean biomass cookstoves in peri-urban and rural areas, the dissemination of home solar systems for basic energy services and productive use and forestry projects. Additionally, our organization offer environmental consulting services on Carbon Project Development under Voluntary Carbon Markets in the referred areas (mainly Gold Standard for Global Goals – GS4GG). We are experienced in management and delivery of the entire carbon project cycle, from implementation through to issuance. 

We have ten (10) years of experience in project development and certification of emission reductions from cookstove projects, and we currently partner with top players in the sector on carbon asset development, including Validation and Verification Bodies (VVB’s).  Examples of organizations we are working with Include South Pole Carbon Asset Management, CarbonSink Group, Applus Certification, Epic Sustainability Ltd. We are glad to offer one or all of the following services:

  • Carbon Project development consulting: Our main role consist in identifying the projects, assessing feasibility and conducting due diligence, guide project development and operation, monitoring and maintenance, QA/QC and risk assessment to ensure compliance with relevant standards requirements, terms and conditions. We mainly work with cookstove, solar and forestry projects and our main market is Africa. We will guide you in preparing stakeholders consultations and reporting, preparing relevant project documentation, including the monitoring reports, liase with the certification body in all stage of the certification proccess. We are also able to develop comprehensive project monitoring tools based on web and mobile applicxations. The final product to be delivered is the issuance of carbon credits which can be sold in the market. We are able to assist you in the marketing of carbon credits through our network of top global carbon brokers.

  • Joint Implementation of cookstove and solar carbon projects: we are open to implement projects with your organization. In this particular case, you will have a role of project implementer and be responsible for funding the stoves, deployment, marketing and all day to day activities. We will perform all the services indicated in the above paragraphs in order to ensure positive project certification outcome. We will take charge of the commercialization of carbon credits through our network of top global carbon brokers and the earnings will be shared based on agreement between your organization and Mozcarbon.

 By Partnering with us, you be will be working towards the promotion of Sustainable Development Goals comprising, as examples, the (1)reduction of poverty; (2)Improved access to clean energy systems; (3) Good health and well-being; (4) Education and employment; (5) Reduction of greenhouse gases emissions; (6) Promotion of Gender; among other environmental, social and economic benefits. Please feel free to get in touch with us and we are very open to assist you in your sustainability journey.