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Do you want to contribute to a more sustainable future. We have ideas to help you.

Mozambique Carbon Initiatives LDA operates on the mitigation of the impacts of climate change by implementing emission reductions projects in different areas comprising the dissemination of clean biomass cookstoves in peri-urban and rural areas, the dissemination of home solar systems for basic energy services and productive use and forestry projects. Additionally, our organization offer environmental consulting services associated with mitigation of impacts of climate change and reduction of carbon footprint for organizations and individuals.

Our organization is hereby inviting you to partner with us in order to reduce your climate impact by reducing emissions globally and create sustainable development benefits for the most vulnerable communities and people in Mozambique, by supporting our projects in the described areas above. Through our different portfolio of certified emission reduction projects, you will be able to:

  • Fulfill your CSR targets that reflect your desire to support a range of different local communities and stakeholders that your organization has business interest in or an affinity with. Our different projects (solar, stoves and forestry) are geared towards the promotion of Sustainable Development Goals comprising the (1)reduction of poverty; (2)Improved access to clean energy systems; (3) Good health and well-being; (4) Education and employment; (5) Reduction of greenhouse gases emissions, among other environmental, social and economic benefits. Additionally, we can co-develop a specific project in our areas of expertise as part of your CSR program. One example of our portfolio of projects can be viewed below.

By supporting our projects you will be able to improve your sustainability credentials and maximize commercial opportunities, enhance your brand reputation and at all, contribute to a more sustainable world. We are open to meet and discuss the options which better suits your needs.